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Plants remember drought, change responses to survive


Plants remember drought, change responses to survive. If plants are capable of adjusting to adversity and then dealing with future adversity why not humans? It seems clear to me that if this exists in nature, it is an example that can also exist in us. Nature perfectly equips us to live, it is strange how much “civilization” disrupts it.

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Online Social Networking and Shallow Connections (via There can be no knowledge without freedom)

Is Social Media helping or hurting us? This post explores this idea.

As we all know by now, technology is potentially as crippling as it is advantageous. This is a theme that dates back at least as far as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, in which Shelley examines the disastrous consequences of biotechnology. But we don’t need to create Frankenstein in order to redefine human relationships and behavior. Changing the ways in which we interact with each other is sufficient. Superficiality One of the possible downfalls of … Read More

via There can be no knowledge without freedom

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