Do older UK people have the computer skills they need?

A charity warns that the lack of older people taking part in training may leave the UK with a digital skills gap.

Source: Concerns over older people’s IT skills – BBC News

This seems to me to be FUD about the need for computer skills in mature people. I used to teach computer skills for mature people because it enriches people’s lives to use a computer and think. However for an article to say that the country going to suffer for this, I don’t think so.

Most people who get older want to do less with their lives not more. People have beliefs that they are too old to learn, so they refuse to learn. They feel that they have “learned enough” so they don’t learn. This isn’t about a calcification of skills, but rather that of attitude. I find this attitude surprising. With all the benefits that technology has clearly brought us as a society, why would you want to close your life to an easier and better way of doing things?

That is what mystified me the most about learning. People fight to not learn things, but once they learn them, they ask why didn’t you tell them sooner? When I taught class I sold the benefits of learning which was to make your life easier, and then showed them how technology would make their lives easier. However if the attitude going in is that this has no value, of course they are going to not learn anything.

Why not make things that are a privilege like driving be contingent on learning new skills each year? You have to have a minimum eye site (right?) to drive. Why not a minimum level of brain activity? Driving is as much planning ahead and being aware of possible dangers, as it is just stepping on the gas.

BBC – Autos – A flight of fancy: Mercedes-Benz takes to the skies

The German luxury carmaker partners with Lufthansa for a seductive cabin-design project.

Isn’t this amazing? Can you imagine flying like this? This will probably never happen for anyone, but what a wonderful and amazing experience that would be.

It looks so peaceful and relaxing. I wonder why they don’t show this kind of creativity on their cars? Some amazing car design and manufacturing when you research cars. I have seen some beautiful examples of cars and featured them here. Here is the Decoliner. Even a teen who lifted a car off his grandfather.

I think that the airlines attempt to maximize profits by shrinking seat size is ultimately going to work against them. I refuse to fly and I am sure there are others who will not accept that small of a space. Just like crowded rats, the pain of travel will outweigh the benefits.

What is most amazing is that we have the incredible ability to design planes like this, yet we lack the will to find an energy source that would make flight like this economical. How much money has been spent on energy research compared to the trillions spent on war? The human race is like a bully that instead of finding a better way, stubbornly clings to the ideas that “it is right” and has the right and duty to hurt other humans. It is a mystery. Why do we think violence is the answer?

Source: BBC – Autos – A flight of fancy: Mercedes-Benz takes to the skies