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NY Terrorism suspect message on iPhone

If you live in the NYC area you probably got a text message today warning you of a “Person of interest” related to the recent bombing.

This guys face is all over the media. Even in other countries they have photos of him. I read the BBC among other sites and it showed him and talked about the news. It is sad and unfortunate that this happened, and so many lives were affected as a result.

One of the greatest things about being free is the ability to do what you want when you want. It is no surprise that those who want to hurt others take advantage of that freedom. The CCTV footage was both a helpful tool and an unfortunate reality in our society. That area that was hit was one of NYC nicer neighborhoods, and I am sure that lots of people are scared because of this.

What is surprising about all of this is that a POI was found so quickly. It makes you wonder how much resources was poured into this to find the culprit. I wish we had the same amount of resources for every crime that affected people. Like the millions that were affected by the financial sector. Doesn’t it seem a little disingenuous that the scope of the crime seems to have no bearing the resources used to solve it?

Of course we all want to see the person who did this caught and have a fair trial. Ideally it would be even better if we could find a way to make peace with the kind of thinking that causes these situations. Rather than react with the police, perhaps we could establish a fund for people who feel they have been harmed by the US and allow people to make a legal case for recompense. Or have attorneys for free to investigate their claim. Certainly it is cheaper and better for everyone to do this than to clean up after frustrated people lash out isn’t it?

I don’t have all the answers. I just wish that no matter how angry someone is, they find a way to address the root causes than attacking innocent people. Please people, we are in this together.

Update: If you use NYC Notify alerts you will get an email about this.

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Fireworks and improvements due to technology

Did you ever wonder how the NY dropping ball firework show happened? A wonderful behind the scenes report by the BBC in this link Blown away.

Curious how fireworks work? Another great article by the Verge in this link How do fireworks work?

It is amazing how far fireworks technology has evolved isn’t it? When I was a kid fireworks were basic, crude and unsafe. Now there is such a variety of fireworks that there are full-time stores. It is funny about life isn’t it? The more times passes, the more options we are given, but fewer people can enjoy those options. Income inequality still prevents many people from getting their basic needs met.

Fireworks and improvements due to technologyWhy am I pointing this out again? As middle class US citizens we have many things to be thankful for. On this 4th of July, we have the gift of freedom that many people worldwide risk their life for. I have known people in the past who shared they were here illegally and it was because in their country their quality of life was poverty or worse. What is worse than poverty? Poverty with no hope of anything better.

When I was a kid I once saw a poor kid at school who had fireworks which was illegal for him to have as school. I asked him how he could afford to buy the fireworks and he said that his friend gave it to him. Right. He was a minority and he and his family had immigrated from another country. He was so happy and proud to be a US citizen because it gave opportunity for his family to have a better life.

There is a saying that you often don’t know what you have until it is gone. I think that US citizens who haven’t traveled to other countries don’t realize all of the benefits they have in living here. Isn’t it wonderful we have those good examples of people who have gratitude to help us understand the gratitude we also can show?


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