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I had someone email me today on StumbleUpon and say that they frequently vote on sites and ask me to follow them. Normally I would ignore that but I went to the profile and saw things that she liked that interested me. So I added her. Then 5 minutes later I get an email that said she couldn’t add me to follow for some technical reason. I delisted her.

Why bother to send people a message if you aren’t serious about following them as well? Why play games? Or better yet, figure out why you can’t add people and then contact the new guy.


Has anyone noticed that StumbleUpon seems to have more errors lately?

director player error

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StumbleUpon has been suggesting pages for me the last two weeks and the majority of them have been in error. They are either domain expired, or 404 pages. Are other people experiencing this?

I report those pages faithfully but I seem to get more error pages not less of them. Is it possible that SU uses people who report error pages, to cross check the error pages that other people have reported? I feel that the more I report error pages, the more error pages I see. Am I going crazy? Where is Nomad when you need him?


OS X Killing Intel Atom Support– No Hackint0sh for You!

This is the stated reason.  I think this is being done to send a message to the Atom manufacturing that they won’t be going in that direction in the future.  Who knows it may be a hidden agreement with the current chip vendor to guarantee future sales.  Click here to read more.  Apple rarely does things just for the short term.  Plus there are many clever people who will overcome any software limitation Apple tries to enforce.  Witness the jail breaking of iPhones.  As long as there is a demand, there will be a market.