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Finding a balance for sharing

Social media is helpful in many ways, but one of the dangers I think is the risk of oversharing. I think finding a balance for sharing is very important.

There are many reasons why oversharing is harmful both to the person sharing and those who read.

  1. You may be turned down for a loan. Banks and other financial organizations are looking at your social media account to learn about your personality. Why? One of the 3 C’s as we were told is character, and they want to see if not only you are responsible, but your friends are responsible. The theory is that if you have a friend who doesn’t pay a bill, you might be the same and the risk of lending to you in increased.
  2. There is no forget button. Whatever you share is forever on the Internet. It doesn’t matter if you delete the post, it will surely get archived and copied. You may feel good about something you share at the moment, but the future may have a different perspective on it. If you aren’t sure if you should share something, then don’t.
  3. Your words will come back to haunt you. I shared something once with the FCC when they sought public opinion on a decision they made. Ten years later when I googled my name it came to the top of the list. It wasn’t something that the FCC said they would share, but once I published it, it was out of my control. You should assume that anything you write on the Internet is public and part of the record forever.
  4. Your words can be used to harm others. You may write something with the intention of positive results, but as I said before positive intentions aren’t enough. There are tons of positive intentioned and ignorant people on the Internet. I try to write things that are supported by mainstream science, and not on any crazy fringe groups. However too often science discovers something new, and when that happens your advice is no longer accurate. So if you want to stand by your words, you need to constantly evaluate them with the new information that comes out daily and revise them when appropriate. Sadly 99% of people do not update their writing, so most information on the Internet is quickly outdated.

How do I manage these problems with what I write? I review things that I write everyday as part of the work of having this blog. I go through and try to delete articles that are no longer true or things that have a low interest by others. I always encourage the reader to challenge what I say, and the greatest compliment to me would be “I don’t agree with you, but it made me think.”

Everything in life has a balance, including sharing.

Blue Apron not worth it

Blue Apron not worth it to me.

Blue Apron not worth itI thought I would like Blue Apron but I did not. It has some positives, but way more negatives. Here is why I didn’t like it.

  1. Not organic. They have some organic items but most of the stuff isn’t organic. In fact, they send canned goods which I avoid. Cans have BPA and that is a known problem. There are non BPA canned goods which should have been sent.
  2. Terrible recipes. The recipes are almost always terrible. I have made 12 different ones and they all were worse than something I could have have created myself. The ingredients were bland, and overpriced.
  3. Over-packaged. Everything had way too much packaging.  It was very wasteful and created so much garbage. Convenience came at too high a cost to the environment.
  4. Lack of care in delivery. Even though I was home the driver never rang my doorbell just left the items on the doorstep. When I heard him leave the packages I got up and he was already gone. I have never talked to any of the Blue Apron employees so that I can ask questions about the delivery and service. Whats more, not calling before you come is just rude. What if there was an emergency and having big boxes blocking your front door don’t help you?
  5. Poor policies. I canceled my Blue Apron subscription but rather than cancel your orders and refund your money, they insist on making a delivery for the next week. I canceled my service a week ago and because they charged the box they said they couldn’t give me a refund. Listen I understand if the delivery is on the way, but a week later a delivery should be canceled.
  6. Trying to cancel was difficult. You have to send them an email to cancel, and then approve it again to cancel your service. This is silly. If I want to cancel, I want to cancel now without creating more hurdles to canceling. They think making it difficult will slow customers. It will just anger your former customers to write articles like this warning others.
  7. Customer service was unhelpful. I did a chat with them and they were like a robot. I never had the feeling that they cared about me as a customer and wanted to find a solution to my concerns.
  8. Wasted goods like Nordic Ice. This goes back to the packaging complaint. The Nordic Ice keeps it cool but they put in so much that the food is basically frozen. Plus once you get this every week they are wasted and I ended up having to throw them away.
  9. Didn’t save time, took more time. So I thought this would save time, but all of these issues resulted in spending more time handling groceries. It isn’t worth the effort.
  10. No excellent meals. There were no excellent meals in this experience. If I am going to go through all of this and the meals don’t even have one excellent meal after spending $300, then it is not me it is them.

So do what you like, but for me, Blue Apron is a strong avoid.

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