Does your Windows computer not want to see your iPhone with error MTP USB?

Source: [SOLVED] Failed installing Samsung Mobile MTP Device Error code 10: This device cannot start | The _khAttAm_ blog

So if you have a Windows computer you may have found that your computer doesn’t seem to accept the iPhone’s USB connection. The iPhone can’t be accessed to download photos in Picasa for example. It doesn’t show in the device manager list either and usually has an !iPhone or !MTP USB driver message.

Downloading and installing the MTP USB driver doesn’t fix this issue. Rebooting doesn’t fix the issue. Deleting the entire USB host controller doesn’t fix the issue. Installing the newest USB host controller drivers from the vendor doesn’t work. Trying a different USB port doesn’t work. Trying a docking station doesn’t work. A different cable doesn’t work. I think you get the idea here.

Many times solving a problem is just having the patience to run through the solutions and possible causes. It takes time to find solutions to tricky problems but it can be done. It is a great feeling when you have the determination to stick through the rough times until you find the answer. There are aspects of everyone’s job which are boring, but if you do what other people don’t do, you stand out and eventually progress to more authority and responsibility in your career. This has certainly been true for me. Slow and steady I have found wins the race. Not that I am competing against anyone, but rather than the race is your own sense of self and what is possible in your life.

It is kind of surprising isn’t it? We are capable of far more than we think, and what holds us back is mostly our-self.

Is your MacBook Pro slow on starting?

I faced an issue with a MacBook Pro from 2012 very slow on starting. It took minutes and was only halfway through the startup on the grey screen. Rebooting the device didn’t help, and there were no funny noises from the hard drive that usually indicate a failing drive. I booted into Recovery mode and reinstalled the OS and it was fine.

The OS was 10.10.4 and Disk Utility after a verification said the disk was fine. The last change to the computer was the Java update to 51 so if this happens to you, my solution may be a fix. Another option is to turn off your Filevault and turn it back on. I didn’t try that yet with the laptop, but if it happens again it will be the next thing I do.

More importantly the higher the OS have gone, the slower the MacBook Pro has gotten. The customer only uses it for light web browsing, so it is hard to imagine he is abusing it. Perhaps the next step would be to format the drive and reinstall. Really since 10.8 reformatting the drive seem to not be a helpful troubleshooting technique anymore. Apple has done a great job making things more stable as time continues. One day I hope it continues to be able to fix itself, and even have some intelligence so you don’t have to be so repetitive with it.