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Bad google search

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One of the neat things about the Site Stats in WordPress is that it will tell you the Google search term someone used to successfully reach your page. I have always seen a ton of misspellings. For example someone typed in “anti virus” and it came up with this anti-virus article I wrote on Sophos. I wonder if there is a plugin that corrects for any misspelling in comments or google searches and helps match the appropriate search query?

10.6.5 or 10.6.6 and Wifi problems?

A Wi-Fi detector

A Wi-Fi detector

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Join the club.  I had this problem with my own machine.  I fixed it by reapplying the 10.6.6 combo update.  Still if that doesn’t work, try what ctmurray said.

I have posted this list of things to try before, but I have updated recently. These are gleaned from reading many posts. It does not include the recent postings on reverting your Airport card driver to a 10.6.4. I strongly recommend everyone consider the first items which have been verified on this support board as solving the problem. Not all are required, each is listed because it alone solved the problem for that user(s). For some reason the updated OS is more sensitive to wifi interference – the same environment now is causing issues and does not on earlier versions, so please check out wifi interference as a option. Same with the wifi security, recent OS updates seem intolerant of WEP security.

All the fixes;

Fixes known to have solved the problem to posters on this board
1. Verify that there are no interfering signals (other WiFi units and portable phones or microwave ovens). Change channels regardless as you can’t “see” outside inference
2. Repair permissions – directions at Use Onyx to repair to a more complete level.
3. If you have WEP security change your security to WPA or WPA2
4. Delete Keychain password or create a new password on your router
5. Network Prefs – Make sure Airport is the top service on the list. Consider edititng your wifi location (remove airport service and re-install) OR create a completely new location.
6. Look for conflicting out of date or beta software (Peer Guardian, Parallels and VMFusion known issues, Sophos antivirus)
7. Make a backup and then delete network preference files, Macintosh HD -> Library -> Preferences all plists starting with, then move the System Preferences folder to your desktop (as a backup) and restart your computer.
8. Flush Cache files: Navigate to this folder:/System/Library/Caches, delete all the files in this folder.
9. Mac Mini – be sure bluetooth is enabled. Confirmed disabled BT with 10.6.5 results in WIFI timeouts.

Thing that are recommended, not yet confirmed
10. Reset your PRAM– directions at
11. Reset your SMC – directions at This was suggested by Small Dog Tech Tails for many problems
12. Create a new user for the computer and set up wifi for that user
13. Network Prefs – get a new DHCP lease
14. Network Prefs – disable Ipv6
15. Manually enter your ISP DNS IP addresses in Network Preference

Troubleshooting tips to help isolate the problem:
18. Grab a Console log and post the results here, look in your system.log (viewable via Applications->Utilities->Console)
19. Set up ping to continuously poll the router as a temporary fix
20. Report bug to Apple –
You have to sign up to be a “developer” but it is free.

16. Be sure your router firmware is up to date
17. Make sure there are no IP conflicts with other devices