Seeing less spam in your inbox? Here is why.

Junk mail or spam has fallen to less than 50% of all the email scanned in June by security firm Symantec.

Source: Spam email levels at 12-year low – BBC News

The article states that criminals are instead turning to malware to make money. So do you have malware & antivirus protection? The new term for this combined protection is called “endpoint” protection. The Sophos program I spoke about earlier is considered endpoint protection and marketed to businesses and Macintosh.

If you have a PC then the free Avast or Avira seem to be a popular and well regarded choice. They also offer paid versions as well.

The bottom line for spam seems to be that both legal action against spammers and more intelligent filtering is reducing their effectiveness. I would love to have a legally mandated intervention for any email that has suspicious key words. If someone thinks that sending money to a Nigerian prince is going to make them rich they need help in more ways than one.

What is amazing to me is that spam has existed for so long but people haven’t learned the lesson. You don’t reply to it, you don’t support it, and you never buy anything from it. I personally will take action with people who spam me and ask them to stop and if they don’t then they get reported. There is no excuse for spamming someone who has never done business with you. This seems to be an increasingly frequent occurrence on LinkedIn and it may doom its usefulness to me.

Many misspellings and people still arrive here

Bad google search

Image by sirexkat via Flickr

One of the neat things about the Site Stats in WordPress is that it will tell you the Google search term someone used to successfully reach your page. I have always seen a ton of misspellings. For example someone typed in “anti virus” and it came up with this anti-virus article I wrote on Sophos. I wonder if there is a plugin that corrects for any misspelling in comments or google searches and helps match the appropriate search query?