Characters and why we love them

I have watched The Andy Griffith Show and even though it was produced in 1960 the humor is still enjoyable. I used to watch this show as a child, but don’t remember any episodes. While I was watching it occurred to me that many of the characters were like other characters that were in popular shows.

Andy for example is like Gobo in Fraggle Rock. He is practical, and solves problems that his friends create. Then we have Barney which is the same kind of character as Red and Boober. They tend to be overconfident and do their own thing or shy and not really aware of the social norms. Of course there has to be a wise person so that is Aunt Bee instead of Mokey. Comic relief is taken care of by Otis the Drunk or Barney instead of Wembly or “Doc”.

What I love in those characters is that at times we all have these characteristics. I realized that one day when I was watching Fraggle Rock. I said to myself I sometimes act like that character at times. I had to smile because sometimes we only see the folly of our own ways when we see it in others. I think that is what bothers us about others. That they do the same things as ourselves.

There are very touching moments in these characters lives. Times when they face challenge or a missed an opportunity. I love characters that show their emotions and are brave enough to act on them. I think the most loving people are those who have worked on themselves to know that loving someone else is as much as seeing them for who they are, and not who we want them to be.