Jetpack’s reputation not so good

Jetpack’s reputation not so good

I have used Jetpack since I have used WordPress. I always thought it was a fun idea and way to get additional functionality. Imagine my surprise when my website crashed today and analysis showed that it was Jetpack that contributed to it. I did some research and apparently many people had lots of issues with Jetpack.

Dear Jetpack: I really want to love you, but you make it so hard

It pains to me to say it, but if you have Jetpack and your website is crashing disable it and see what happens. Now I am going to disable Jetpack if a clients site is having issues, rather than disabling plugins. Something else is that when P3 plugin is saying that your Jetpack is using 40% of the resources on your server, believe it. I saw that but figured it was normal since I hadn’t read anything negative about Jetpack.

Probably a bigger lesson is that if you see something in life that doesn’t make sense you should test if you really need it or not. The force of the past is hard since it was “good enough” but that kind of thinking doesn’t work. It caused my site to crash and I have been working on it all day. It really is amazing how many great plugins are available if you take the time to look. I took tech supports advice and no longer use any software that isn’t supported in the version of WordPress I am using.

Dear Jetpack: I really want to love you, but you make it so hard.

Looking for a WordPress hosting company?

After having Websynthesis for only 24 hours, I have to say that it is the best WordPress hosting I’ve ever had. Here is why.

I have occasional times that my blog goes down. It always has said an internal 500 error. I have researched this but not found a clear reason for this until yesterday. The Websynthesis support team sent me a very detailed email telling me exactly when my website crashed and how to fix it. They gave me an analysis and advice that was easily worth $200. It would have taken me much more time to research and find a solution, and they laid it out for me. I took their advice and once I did it, the website further increased in speed.

I was so excited to learn the information they shared. Imagine my surprise the next day when my site crashed again. This time it was for an hour. Another very detailed report followed giving me even more help and information. I am still working on the details of that report today. Lots of great practical and easy to understand advice for anyone. Why am I excited my site is crashing? I am excited because of the fantastic support. Previous unmanaged WordPress hosting didn’t give you any real support. If you were lucky you might talk to a tech who suggested plugins, but the plugins they suggested were actually part of the problem. I was suffering from my ignorance.

The other part of this is that I expected my site to have problems when moving providers. It was a completely different architecture and server configuration. For the increase in speed, there was going to be some growing pains. That was unavoidable. For the most part the transition was painless and pleasurable. Fantasktic offered a $99 cost to move the site. All I had to do was switch the DNS. Easy! There was a small bug on their part that delayed the move for 2 days over the weekend, but honestly they took responsibility and gave me a discount. I was thrilled. Mistakes can happen at anytime, but the company that values the customer gives a discount when this happens is worth supporting. They met my tight deadline which saved me a lot of money. I am grateful I asked their help.