Weird Al’s gift to North Korea

Weird Al gave us a wonderful gift on John Olivers program. He asked Korea not to nuke us, and played the accordion which they love. This was a brilliant moment for so many reasons.

  • It shows to the North Koreans that we have some thing in common with them. That we love music and we like to have fun.
  • It shows that US citizens are not always scary but can be silly and very non threatening.
  • It shows that we are a potential friend. We ask in friendship that we are not nuked, and we send someone who doesn’t mind looking like an idiot for world peace.
  • It shows that someone took another path than tough words and acting tough. That we might find a way to resolve the conflict without weapons.

I know that North Korea may never see this clip, or it may never be anything than just a footnote in history. Still the fact that someone offered North Korea an olive branch is a hopeful and wonderful thing. Yes it was a comedy show, but it could be taken as a sincere gesture, and in some ways I bet it was a sincere gesture.

Weird Al is a smart guy and I don’t think he did this appearance just to make a few bucks or meet John Oliver. He probably felt like it was worth a chance. At the very least it couldn’t do any harm. I think that as a society we have to find non lethal and non aggressive ways to deal with conflict. This was a great example of what the best intentions of the United States can be about.

Right now the world looks at the US and hopes that our leadership is not a reflection of society. When we show things like this clip, we show that there are a plurality of viewpoints in the US. We show that we can respond in different and intelligent ways, and that conflict does’t have to be who has the biggest stick.


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