Need to publish to LinkedIn reliably?

I had been using another plugin, but it stopped working. I couldn’t get it to work again, so I tried various other plugins. The first one I tried caused a mess. The second one WP LinkedIn Auto publish by xyzscripts is working great.

If I plugin stops working I stop using it. Simple as that. There are so many choices and I have found that problems have actually been a benefit as well. For example, this new plugin by xyzscripts is better than what I was using before. It is easier for the average person to setup, and offers more options. In addition it is reliable, and that is the main thing people want in a low-skill WordPress environment.

I would guess that most people who use WordPress are low skills. It is so friendly and easy, that for the most part you can do everything from the GUI. The people who like to tinker behind the scenes tend to use other things. I have used those other systems and I wasn’t impressed. I think that ease of use really makes someone want to use something. Everyday for example, I write something on WordPress because it is so easy and fun.

With all the socials ways to connect now, I wonder what the future of WordPress is? I wish there were more integration without using Plugins. Plugins are cool, but I wouldn’t depend on them for main functionality in WordPress.

For example, the WordPress smartphone app the last time I played with it was really limited. It should integration voice recognition so we can just speak and it publishes it. I am going to investigate if there are any speak to text plugins so that instead of typing this, I can just speak it. The future is voice, and I can’t believe that we have hung onto the keyboard and mouse this long.

Bit by bit, we are moving into the future and WordPress is leading the way.