I was ordering something from Etsy yesterday and after I ordered it showed where the business was located. It was directly in the path of Hurricane Irma on the tip of Florida.

A few minutes later I received an email. It was from the seller of the item explaining that the hurricane meant that all the product was in the truck to move it, and that it would probably be a week before it was shipped out.

Well I was stunned. If I had a business in Florida I would not be responding to emails about purchases. I responded back and told them not to worry and that it was no rush. I expressed concern for their well being. They responded and thanked me for my concern.

Then I liked what I had bought so much I took a look in their store to see if they had other items. I found something else and bought that too. I get another note and this time the store owner is laughing at my little joke and told me to keep shopping. So we can help people from Florida in many ways.

It is a small world isn’t it? I think that if we have the opportunity to help someone we should. It is one reason that I prefer buying from small business. They always appreciate your business and they often have lower prices and better service. It is not always easy to find good small businesses, but with places like Etsy and others it makes it easier.

I prefer working at small businesses and my ideal business is one in which it has less than a 1,000 workers. You can really get to know everyone and it is fun being in that culture as well. I worked at a business once that had 100k in one huge campus and it was very impersonal. Did not enjoy it at all.

I hope that Irma does the least possible damage and that people can go back and resume their lives. The entire country is concerned about you Florida.

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