People like Office 365 programs on iPhone/iPad more than Apple ones

People like Office 365 programs on iPhone/iPad more than Apple ones. Why? They tend to have more functionality.

An example of this. One person wanted to upload several photos she had taken. Unfortunately she couldn’t select several photos at once in the photos app and then email them as attachments. When she tried to do it using the default mail app she had to select each photo which was time consuming. When she tried to do it with Outlook on iOS she also had to select each photo but she could use OneDrive to upload the photos.

All she wanted was to transfer the photos to her computer. Since the company doesn’t install iTunes on the desktop, sending them as attachments seemed to her the easiest way. However using OneDrive was the easiest way since it allowed her to access them on her desktop, and share them in other ways as well. She was thrilled when she could do so much more using OneDrive.

The iOS programs like Outlook and OneDrive are very popular with business users. They are what Apple should have done in the first place. They never thought about what their users would want. They want to be able to easily share and deal with files. It is amazing to me that Apple can’t execute on the Office 365 functions. Microsoft should not be better at software than Apple is on its own platform.

This failure by Apple really goes back a long ways. I had written before that their iTools/iCloud was a mess and it still is. Almost no one uses it. I try occasionally and it is nothing but pain. The last time I tried Apple then upgraded the iCloud Drive and I lost files. That should never happen. No upgrade should cause anything bad to happen. So I basically ignore the iCloud now. Sure I get it as part of my Apple ID, but I never bother with it.

It was easy for me to use Office 365. I had used Box so to me saving files in the cloud is logical. I liked that you could share files with the world, since that is the world we live in now. We want to share our experiences and knowledge to help others.

Well some industries like to have “secrets” but I don’t think those companies will survive much longer. Places like drug companies, R&D and so on say that those secret are financial advantages. Yes they are, but I think our society is changing in that it doesn’t place profit as the most important thing anymore.

Why do I say this? The fact that health care is being seen as a right, and not a product is an encouraging sign. The fact that millennials have changed the dynamic of purchasing with homes and cars. The fact that businesses are shrinking because their markets have matured. Like PC sales are decreasing every year. People have enough computers, and so its harder selling new ones. Good, we don’t need stuff just to replace stuff that already works.

Office 365 is continuously being improved and to me, they are ahead of all their competition. Google is losing its focus and I don’t see them growing anytime soon. I think they have reached their peak. They got lucky. I think the only ones who can challenge Microsoft now are open source projects.