Avoid LogMeIn remote access. I had nothing but problems.

Avoid LogMeIn remote access. I had nothing but problems.

Where do I start? Well lets start with the pricing. The first year they give a price that was reasonable. This second year, the price was 100% more at $250 a year. Now I don’t know about you, but that price is unreasonable to me for several reasons.

For that price you don’t get dedicated phone support, you are pushed to a community. For that price you don’t actually control your account, you are told what is possible by technical support. Yesterday for example, I got an email notification that a hacker from Africa tried to log into my account by guessing my password. When I called technical support and asked them to disable my account, they would not. In fact it is still active. They said that they can’t disable accounts until the paid period is over. If I pay for a service and I want to stop it, then stop it. Don’t argue with me that the period of payment prevents you from doing what the customer wants.

What is even more rich is when I said what happens if the hacker gains access to my account and my personal information? The support guy said that guessing the password was unlikely and that I didn’t have to worry. Hello, I am an IT person and there is always reason to worry when someone is trying to access an account.

The service itself wasn’t what I remembered in the past when it was free. When it used to be free and I used to use it and love it, it was responsive and fast. Now that I have paid for it, there is a lag logging into the website, a lag using the product remotely, and a lag in security conscious support.

What are you paying for with LogMeIn? Not what you think. Don’t bother buying this service or you will be disappointed.

Update: The technical support person said that he would contact me today by email to let me know that he would delete my account. That never happened. I contacted them again and asked for my account to be deleted. Just to make it less convenient they said they needed to email me to confirm to delete the account. I got the email and asked them to delete it. So it was 3 times that I had to do something to get an account deleted.