Color is a huge influencer of mood

I didn’t realize how huge color had on your mood until my landlord painted my apartment this weekend. Wow what a difference.

The previous tenet had chosen ugly dark colors. I choose a bright color. After it was done I was amazed at the difference in the space. The darker colors made the place seem smaller. With the lighter color it not only seemed larger but it was so bright. I had three indirect lights and now I will only need to use two indirect lighting.

Why am I sharing this? We don’t realize what a small change in our environment can make such a big difference. I had only had one other time where I changed the color. It was remarkable. Even a simple paint job will make something that looks worn out look brand new.

I started to realize what an impact color makes when I saw an advertisement for a cheap laptop. Even though I using a cheap Acer which is fine, I really liked the different computer. It wasn’t the specs though, but because it has this electric blue color. I don’t need it, but I wanted it just because it was a nice color.

Am I going to buy it? Of course not. I also noticed that when I car shop I like to get cars that are blue or things like that. I wouldn’t say no to a perfect used vehicle in a color I am not crazy about, but I would honestly probably flip the car sooner than if I loved the color. I can’t see the exterior color when I drive of course, but I can see it out the window of my apartment, and when I approach it, so I enjoy having a color I like.

This would be a difficult part of being Amish. Amish wear muted colors and they consider it vanity to have fancy clothes or anything that would attract people to them. In this way I am vain and I can admire the time and effort that Amish save with their belief. I wonder too if there is something more positive about not being concerned about clothes. It must be freeing not have to have that pressure to “fit in” during school that many people face in non-amish culture.

Enjoying the new colors in my life and apartment. If you want a quick pick me up, paint!