Wannacry virus has people scared

The Wannacry virus has people scared. I have never seen business so concerned about malware before.

As an IT person I have always battled with malware. Every company I have worked at has had issues, and several of them were very serious. It was disappointing that they didn’t care about security when it could have destroyed their entire business. I am always surprised when companies don’t care about security enough to invest in the tools to reduce the risk.

I understand why business leaders don’t want to invest in technology. They feel that they will never be safe so why even try? I think this is an irresponsible way of thinking. Unfortunately it is almost always the case that the company never spends money until something bad happens, and it costs a great deal of time and money.

It is frustrating for sure to see a danger and warn others and not be believed. Then to have to clean up the problem afterwards is costly and a waste of time. So when I see people concerned about the Wannacry ransomeware it gives me hope that the tide has turned in this battle.

There is always opportunity in danger, and there is always risk in safety. These aren’t just some philosophic words, but reality. The opportunity is that now IT departments can have a real chance of getting the software they need to protect their companies. The risk in safety is that when a company hasn’t been hacked, it thinks it won’t get hacked in the future. What a faulty idea that is.

What can you do if you have a personal computer and want to be safe? You can make sure your computer has all the Windows updates. You can buy a mac computer. You can make sure you have off-line backups of your files like a cloud service. I have mentioned several cloud backup services.

Disaster will happen. A wise person prepares.