Avoid popular products if you want service

You have probably heard that common wisdom that if lots of people like something, it must be something special. Clearly this is not true. What is true, is if you want service don’t buy popular products.

Every time that I have bought a popular product no matter what the cost, I have regretted it. I once bought a very expensive item that the popular wisdom said was the best car there was. However I had nothing but problems with it, and the dealers did not care. In fact they said to me, we sell tons of these cars therefore you can’t be having a real problem.

So that is one of the reasons why I am writing this article. I won’t mention the company because I am still deciding what I want to do about this attitude. Even with other goods that were popular I often found cheaper items and had better experiences with them.

It makes sense doesn’t it? That if a product is popular, they will focus on salesmen and not on service? The dealer I mentioned before said that they had very effective salespeople, but they had a hard time finding service people. No doubt when you make thousands of dollars on a sale, and service might actually cost you to fix your problems. What is the motivation for any company to have a good service division?

When I was younger I used to test drive cars and sometimes I would go into dealers that were the definition of luxury. I loved the fact that they made their customers comfortable, thinking that it showed that they cared about their customers. Now I see that as a distraction to the poor service that most dealers have.

This isn’t just one luxury dealer, but many of them. I have read extensively and most luxury dealers have poor customer service. In fact one of the frustrating things is that when I bought that luxury car, I have received the worst service that I have ever had. I had a better experience with service at the cheap version of their dealers than with their luxury division.

Avoid popular products and support companies that have good service.