Apple’s customer service is decreasing

Is it just me, or does it seem that Apple’s customer service is decreasing?

In the news recently was Apple saying that they blamed their customers for dropping their phone and the touch screen not working. They say that their customers need to pay $150 to fix the issue. My phone always had this issue right out of the box, and even though I switched phones once with Apple, my new phone had the same problem. I haven’t dropped my phone, so this excuse does not work with me.

Apple's customer service is decreasingI have talked dozens of people out of buying new iPhones. I don’t see the point of supporting Apple when they are not offering something worth the money. When you take away features it is because there is something better. Not having an audio jack is inexcusable. The only reason you wouldn’t want this is to prevent copying/piracy, but it’s not an issue anymore anyway.

So I am left with lots of experiences where Apple just doesn’t have that passion for customer service it once had. Instead of making my life better and more capable, they are raising prices, while dropping the prices of things no one wants. No one wants the Apple Watches. They are practically giving them away. What a mistake that was.

More importantly than these mistakes however is the fact that they are not innovating like they once used to. I have to wonder why there are no breakthrough products like the iPhone anymore. We see in the news Apple closing divisions such as their hardware routers. I liked those products and used them in the past. Why didn’t they buy Cisco and other companies with their ton of cash? Do they think those markets are going away?

I find Apples decision-making lately in the last few years very confusing. When you take away products and don’t improve on them, you basically cause uncertainty which furthers the inability of business to trust you.

Apple has always said it is a consumer company but iPads sell big to business. I wonder when they are going to pull the plug on the iPads. It wouldn’t surprise me.