Opera on the Mac great with flash

I have had problems with flash on the Mac. It slows down games, makes streaming difficult on wifi and generally just a terrible experience. So I did some research and Opera seems to make it stable and perfect.

Opera on the Mac great with flashOpera browser on the mac was better than anything else I tried. It was better than Chrome, Safari, Firefox. It was shocking really. I was not an Opera fan, but it really is smooth. For example I am streaming a flash based video from DailyMotion and playing a flash game. When I tried to do this with any other browser on the mac it was terrible. Slow and would crash every browser I tried.

So now I have a new mac browser to put in the mix. What is neat about Opera as well is that it comes with a built in advertisement blocker. You simply go into the Preferences and put a checkmark on block ads. It works better than third-party ad blockers. It doesn’t slow down or crash the browser. Plus it makes it easy for non IT people to block ads. I wish browsers all had ad blockers turned on my default.

So now I am getting the idea that there is no longer one best browser. The browser wars are in full swing and the best browser is really up for grabs. I said earlier that Safari was the best browser on the mac. Yes for most people it is. However for people who want more Opera is also a great choice. I see I stuck with Firefox too long. It had great promise but it kept getting slower on the Mac and at this stage that shouldn’t be happening.

I know that one day browsers will be easily customizable and really give you the interface that you prefer. I have always wondered why UI designers are such control freaks. Why not give people their choice of interface? Ultimately the computer is a tool and if the interface makes them more efficient then let users choose. One day this will happen. Maybe not for a decade but one day no doubt.

Until then we get goofy metaphors for functionality and archiac photo/text interface. I can’t wait until computers are thought controlled.