Water bottle that is 100% degradable

Water bottle that is 100% degradableSo using Algae this water bottle totally degrades.

I wonder if this is the next generation of bottles for natural companies like Naked?

What is cool about this is that it was developed relatively cheaply by an individual. You really are forced to wonder if people with no funding can find solutions like this, why can’t big business?

Of course there may not be a financial incentive, but one day it will no longer be a choice. Business force holding onto the past as much as possible, and discourage new and innovative methods.

For example, all of the bottle manufactures could have come up with this concept. Maybe they already have plans for a bottle that breaks down. Many companies exist because they get paid by their supplies to use their supplies. Like the government pays farmers to not grow things, companies pay other companies to not use other products.

Maybe what needs to be done to help move things in a more environmental direction is to not allow companies that produce earth destroying materials to make a profit. Any profit they make has to be used to research and development and the other half is to clean up the mess already made with their product. Just like BP had to clean up their mess and pay a fine, there has to be a both a carrot and stick approach with social change.

The guy who developed this should be famous. Anyone who is creative and comes up with innovative ways should be regarded for what they are, a powerful and helpful person. Perhaps this won’t be the ultimate solution, but it is a step in the right direction. At the very least it might be used for animal packaging, where they can just throw in the bottles or packaging and let the animals eat the algae as well.

What does the future hold? Certainly more of this kind of thinking I hope.