Discipline in writing

When people ask if I really write one post per day and I tell them yes, they seem shocked. They always say something like “What discipline you have.” or something to that effect. I find this surprising and here is the reason.

When you love doing something it isn’t a burden it is a pleasure. Writing has always been something that I have benefited from. I think the process of writing is not always in proving a point, but in considering and focusing what you really believe so that you don’t sound stupid to others.

Often when I write something I think about how it will appear to those who read it. I try to make everything I write pass the “reasonable person” test. Would a person who makes decisions based on logic, facts and evidence find what I say reasonable? Of course often what I write is opinion, but I am not a robot and entitled to my opinion.

I do admit that often my opinion is wrong, and have admitted it here when I realize that I am wrong. Writing to me is like a conversation with a an invisible sparing partner. Your audience is the target, and you want to give them a good show. So I think a great deal before I write, and often stop while I am writing to go over what I have said. Then after I write it, I read it again and change it as necessary.

I would say that writing is first for the benefit of the writer, and then secondly the audience. We as writers, have to pass our own test of what is valuable. As someone who trolls the Internet for my profession, I come across mostly garbage and noise. However I do sometimes stumble across truth, and then I try to present that truth here.

I write, I become, and perhaps others may benefit as well.