In-Office paper recycling system

Source: Epson unveils world’s first in-office paper recycling system – StumbleUpon

This is amazing. So you only have to give it electricity and water and it recycles paper! The story lacks many details such as cost,  but it is a remarkable achievement.

Does this mean that in the future paper recycling will be common? It would be fantastic. Perhaps this is a start of other things that can be recycled like plastics and other non organic materials.

It is really encouraging to see Epson develop this technology. Clearly they see a future in this. If I were a paper company I would buy up this technology and bury it. Kill it just like what happened with the electric bus and train. We have a long history of promising a life-changing technology that goes against business interests. I hope this doesn’t happen.

Just trying to think this through, would people like to use recycled paper? I think so. If you could frame this as a way to save money, I don’t see that anyone would care. I wonder what this would do to paper companies. As this technology becomes developed it only seems natural that it would become more flexible and cost-effective. I can easily imagine that colored paper, and then larger sizes will become available.

I wonder if this technology is on the way to Star Trek type of food replicators? If this technology starts breaking things down, it’s just a matter of time until it gets to the molecular level. It seems like people who deal with molecular substances would be interested in this. If I made perfume for example, it would seem pretty easy to modify this to something that could make different scents. I wonder if the future copy protection will no longer be in downloading a file, but in making it illegal to copy the essence of what something is.