Nernst lamp – the alternative lightbulb

Source: Nernst lamp – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – StumbleUpon

Isn’t this a beautiful design? I wonder what it would have been if this had further developed. In many ways it was a superior bulb. I wonder if they have replicas made. That would be a nice touch for people who retro decor.

More importantly it would have kept Thomas Edison from getting a monopoly on the market. When that happened he took advantage of real inventors like Tesla and others. We might have had more technology and innovations with Edison taking all the credit.

What else is neat about this is that it doesn’t require vacuum and could be exposed to a normal pressure. It would have made costs cheaper and ultimately made it faster when it rolled out instead of the incandescent bulb. Isn’t it sad how many times we as a society choose the inferior technology? It might have also made recycling easier since the materials were more straightforward and simple. Can you image being able to replace the filament part and not needing to waste all the bulbs we do now?

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