Legendary Commodore 64 Daffy Duck game finally found, playable for first time – StumbleUpon

Source: Legendary Commodore 64 Daffy Duck game finally found, playable for first time – StumbleUpon

Isn’t this amazing graphics for its time? It would have been a best seller for sure. Too bad they didn’t finish it. I wonder how many wonderful games have never been released? I wish there was a Kickstarter for those games and any projects that didn’t have money to get finished.

What is most amazing is that even though at the time the graphics were amazing, they didn’t seek additional funding to finish it. Why couldn’t this be ported to another game system? The link above even has a download so that you can play it now. Where do we send the money? Certainly the people who invested in this deserve some replayment for their time and effort. Yes, I meant to type repayment but it came out as replayment.

Maybe if there is enough interest in this, Donald Duck will get a new video game series? What would be cool is if we could have a game like the Star Trek Holodeck that allows us to use licensed characters and make our own plot and setting. That would be awesome to be able to put those characters in situations that we can imagine. Instead of an open world concept where the things that can be done are defined, allow the users to define things and do them.

Certainly this should be technically possible. It could be half user and half programmer, where suggestions could go to programmers and they would add the features and then we would pay them on a monthly basis for this privilege. A collaboration in developing games! Isn’t that the future?


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