Stories of my Past: Three for two

There are always opportunities for kindness. One day at work two of my coworkers were sick so I thought it would be nice to bring them chicken soup for lunch. I bought it and returned to work, with some extra corn bread so you can have a full meal, and headed to give out the goods.

However a problem arose. The person who was sick left to go back home. So I had to find another person to give the food to. I found someone else and they were so grateful and surprised I gave them food. The other sick person thanked me, and even gave me a hug. That was nice.

So I had originally only wanted to help one person, and then I realized that there were two to help. Then because one was sick, I really helped three people. Sometimes your intention may only to be help one person, but you end up helping many others besides that person. We can never be sure how far a good example goes.

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