Interesting Historical photographs

Historyphotographed, one of the most interesting Instagrams's pages you must followTales Maze - StumbleUpon

This has some beautiful and interesting historical photographs. It was really hard to choose one from all the great photos that were presented.

There are so many great things from history that are fading fast into the oblivion of time. Like recordings from history that are slowly being destroyed. Or historical Apple prototypes. I liked this interview with Steve Jobs. Did you know that the Aeron chair was originally designed as a seat for Granny?

So many questions I have about this photo. Did the white people stay away from the zoo? Did they say that it was “reverse racism”? Is it racist to exclude whites and only cater to non-whites? Did that zoo also allow other non-whites to visit, or was it specifically for black people? So many questions. I am certainty going to read more about this and what the reaction was at the time.

The things that I learned from history is that the complex issues of today don’t always have an easy answer. How can the majority preserve and respect the right of the minority? There are studies that show that income inequality hurts society at large, yet so many people who are rich defend the system where the 1% get an overwhelming amount of the wealth. Yet we know that money doesn’t make us happy, so why would we defend a system that isn’t helping us be happier? It is strange isn’t it? As a society we seem to be immature to recognize that happiness and health are key, but we pursue pleasure and entertainment which never last. Believe me I’ve tried! :)

Historyphotographed, one of the most interesting Instagrams’s pages you must followTales Maze – StumbleUpon.

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