Twenty-One Mind Melting Trippy GIFs – StumbleUpon

Twenty-One Mind Melting Trippy GIFs – StumbleUpon. These are some interesting gifs. What do you think? I have other interesting Like 15 awesome chemistry gifs or Free animated Gifs in MMS messages on the iPhone. How about some beautiful animated gifs or gifs of animated waterfalls in the forest? Yeah I bet you haven’t seen that have you?

There are many neat gifs from creative people who are pushing this format. Mostly the animated gif format has been passed up by regular video. I think it just takes too much time and creativity for most people to be bothered with making a cool gif. Perhaps it will become the new retro art. Looking at the example below it takes an artistic eye to make something like this don’t you think? It isn’t as though it is like the old Microsoft ugly WordArt. Remember that? You would apply coloring effects to ugly text? I wondered why Apple never made something like that. So many Powerpoint presentations used to have those old fonts.

What is the best about trippy stuff is that there is far more on the internet than just gifs. Take such as this mind-blowing acrylic painting or this unique handmade instrument. Even this macro photo is so cool, and of course who can forget this creative art? The level of creativity I’ve seen on the Internet in my life is just mind-boggling.

Twenty-One Mind Melting Trippy GIFs - StumbleUpon

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