Cannot remove Unknown User: Apple Support Communities

Cannot remove Unknown User: Apple Support Communities. This is a techie but good way to remove unknown users. Probably you won’t see this unless you work in a corporate environment. Thanks Finello.

I had the same problem and i solved it (for Remote Login)

1) First remove all users that can be remove from GUI

2) shows the configuration of users

sudo dscl  . -read /Groups/

example result:

AppleMetaNodeLocation: /Local/Default

GeneratedUID: 2F60778C-0931-47A4-B656-DBE07ACD843F

GroupMembers: 3D7C31B1-DEDE-4A5A-AAA8-CDD55645DC75

GroupMembership: youraccoutname

PrimaryGroupID: 404


Remote Login ACL


RecordType: dsRecTypeStandard:Groups

3) remove the group GroupMembers that the user is unknown

sudo dscl  . delete /Groups/ GroupMembers 3D7C31B1-DEDE-4A5A-AAA8-CDD55645DC75

4) Go to System preference (dock) and see the result

excuse my bad english.



concretenz wrote:

Hi just noticed in (OS X Mountain Lion) System Preferences, Sharing, Screen Sharing: I have a ‘Unknown User’ and too 2 ‘Unknown User’ in the Remote Login.

See screen shots… got any ideas? (note clicking “–” does not remove the “Unknown User” they are stuck, hence my posting)