Twelve South is a terrible company

Twelve south iMac backpack

I debated about sharing this, but I feel I have to due to the poor experience I had with Twelve South.

I bought the iPhone case in an Apple store because it looked like a useful thing. I wish that I had never done so. I have had problem after problem with this product.

  1. The case stains things you put in it. Some papers that I used for notes were stained a dark brown color. The color leeches out of the case on¬†whatever isn’t plastic and stains it.
  2. The case started coming apart after 3 months of gentle use.
  3. The area the iPhone sits in, becomes looser and looser so the iPhone was moving around.
  4. It is hard to get out the identification in the top plastic window and there isn’t much storage for more than a few cards.
  5. The customer service was disappointing. When I reported that I had a problem, they made me sent in a copy of the receipt and photo of the damage like I wasn’t believed. Then they wanted me to ship the case to them, and then they would send me a replacement. Not even an option for advanced replacement where they take the credit card number, and send out a case and wait for the other case to come back.
  6. Their solution to the above problem was to have me go to their website and buy the case again, and then they said they would refund the money once they received the damaged case back. How helpful for them that many people might forget to check their credit card receipts for being refunded.
  7. Even better when I went to their website to buy a new case, it didn’t work in Chrome. The customer service person said that she uses Chrome, Firefox and Safari on her website without a problem and that I was the first person to have a problem. Isn’t that what most companies say to discount the experiences of a customer? I know reading the Apple forums that customers have been told they are the “first to have the problem” even though reading through the forum many others have the same experience. How about this? How about, that if one person has a problem, it probably means that others have the same experience and that you should thank that person for bringing it to your attention?

So I am telling my friends and customers to avoid Twelve South and all their products. Companies that don’t care to make either a quality product, or have good customer service deserve neither our time nor money.