Are video games being dumbed down?

I like playing PS3 games and my friend got a new one called Prototype 2. I have played it this week and it is dumbed down from the first one. It directs you what to do in a linear fashion. First do this, then that. I don’t remember the first game doing that as much. It is similar to another game called Infamous which I like better. I get a feeling of a more open-world space.

It isn’t just that, but also Final Fantasy and many other classic PS3 games that are simplifying gameplay. Part of what attracts us to those games is the ability to strategize and make decisions. While the computer can certainly do a better job, the less input we put into a game, the less pride we can take feel in winning it.

I would ask for game developers to consider that there is an adult population that plays games, and to do whatever they want, but have the option for old-school strategy and options. Some of us like to be in control of the situation, and not just taken along for a ride.

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