Looking to avoids Gmails “Consider Including” in gmail?

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I was bit by this “feature” today. I accidentally sent a personal email to someone who I didn’t intend to sent it to. If you have a Mac laptop, sometimes the track-pad is activated just by being physically close to it. I don’t know if it is heat or what. So often you select things that you don’t want to select. I have ignore accidental track-pad input selected, but the track-pad still is sensitive. It almost makes you need to buy a magic track-pad. Perhaps in the future.

So how can you avoid this feature? You can download and install Zimbra desktop for Mac. I am using it now and it has some really great features. For example, if you connect your LinkedIn account to it, it will search LinkedIn for the addresses you have in your contacts there. Talk about a great feature. Not having to synchronize those lists are great. Having control to set preferences the way you want is great as well. It also works with other email systems and is a fantastic option for business/personal use. I am very impressed.

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