Afraid you have Camcapture on your computer?

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Computer repairman accused of taking nude pictures of women remotely – The poor company that made this software is probably very upset about this. To be associated with a crime isn’t going to improve their image. I bet they will issue an update that makes it more clear when someone is being monitored.

To see if you have this installed check the /Library/WebServer/Documents” directory for the Camcapture Program. Or just download this Automator workflow I created. It has both the application which just allows you to double-click and run it, or you can view the script in the Automator application. All this does is go to the specified directory and allow you to see if Camcapture is listed. If it does appear, then simply drag it to your trash and delete it.

Camcapture This is a zip file that decompresses into two files.

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