Passionate about what in your life?

Students Bring Canned Goods to Help Others
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Anyone who reads this blog should see that Macintosh computers and technology in general is a long-term interest of mine. I have thought about what I am passionate about in my life and come to some conclusions. I am sharing this with you because sometimes the process of examining priorities helps you to define the kind of person you are.

First, the best part of life to me is when you can grow and do something useful to yourself and others. So I have preferred situations where I am challenged and the opportunity or necessity of learning new things. Often learning new things is frustrating or tiring but once you have learned something, the reward is very sweet. Sometimes I think that the reason most people don’t like learning new things is because they don’t feel the joy of being able to use what they have learned. When I have been able to do something to help myself or others then to me, all of that difficulty was worth it.

Second, the more that I learn and grow the more respect and admiration I have for life and others. While education doesn’t automatically make you a better person just like intelligence doesn’t make you a better person, it helps. Education, intelligence, combined with life-enhancing actions make you someone who can do a great deal of good for yourself or others. It is no ones job to save or help others, but the more that you see the tragedy of ignorance, stupidity or bad intentions, the more you want to help.

Third, I have learned the hard way the danger of going to extremes in anything. Sometimes due to our habits, environment or culture we live in destructive ways. Experience teaches you that respecting yourself and others is the short track to short and long-term happiness for everyone. I think that we don’t always respect ourselves and others not because we aren’t intellectually aware of things, but our emotions haven’t developed at the same pace as our intellectual understanding.

So from these primary lessons I have determined that although technology will play a role in my life, I want to continue to do something that will help make things better for everyone. It is fine if you want to life for yourself, but for me, I have tried that and don’t find that as enjoyable as the times I have helped others.

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