One persons issues and my experience with the Macintosh

Why my next Mac wont be a notebook. It is frustrating to have this many failures. I have said before that I had an iPod failure and I never bought another one. I also had bought a used Power Mac 6400 but sold that to a friend. That was an amazing computer at the time. The subwoofer made tremendously rich sounds. Playing games was very fun.

I sold a Powerbook Pismo after about a year of having it and that was perfect as well. It was a pleasure to use. Now I have a 2007 MacBook that has been working very well. I bought it used about 2 years ago and I haven’t really had to spend any money on it. So when I divide the cost of the machine vs the time I have had it, it comes out to $20 per month. Compared to the cost vs how long I enjoyed the machine, this has been my cheapest Mac. For me, the use of a computer is how long I can use it and how much money I have to spend to keep it working.

For example my first PC was a custom job and I often had to spend more money to upgrade it. I originally had Windows 95, but then needed more hardware for Windows 98. Then I had to use NT when I was helping businesses, so really those were almost like buying new machines since the hardware compatibility wasn’t very good back then. Plus I was learning, and it helped me to understand hardware to actually use it. I don’t regret the educational cost, but in the same period my Mac 6400 didn’t need any upgrades. It accepted the OS update from 8 to 8.5 to 9 without any problems. It was a pleasure to upgrade.

It would be unfair to say that hardware was the only cost for the continued functioning of new programs for my Windows computer. I had to pay each year for anti-virus, application updates like the upgrade from Word 95 to Word 97 (Office 97). It was also a big investment of time for both me and my customers to back up data and get used to how new programs worked. There was a tremendous investment in education for most people who had used the Dos based Windows 95 programs to GUI based programs in Windows 98.

So for me, the Mac seems like a more logical and cheaper choice.

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