Stories from the past: Giving is getting

I like quotations from people.  It is fun to learn from the experience of others.  So when I was in college I used to post on the bulletin boards quotes that I thought were interesting every week.  I posted them when no one was around, and it always amused me to see what people would say about them when I was at the bulletin board. (Yes I am aware this shows my age.)

One day while I at the bulletin board/front desk I was getting some information and the student clerk at the front talked to me about it.  She said “What do you think of that quote?”

“I like it.  I wonder who has been putting those up?”, I curiously asked.

“I don’t know, but I’d like to know who it is.”, she said.  “I like them and would love to meet the person.”

Oh really?“, I said.  “Just because of some quotes?”

“Well its more that that, he took the time to post them also.”, she said. “I think that shows character.”

“Thats interesting.”, I replied.  “Well I am the one who posts those”, I admitted.

“Really, thats so cool!”, she said excitedly and gave me a hug.  We were friends the rest of the year.  I didn’t plan on getting something when I gave, but I have always gotten more than I give in life.

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