Remove junk, win disk space, better privacy (via usability | security | freedom)

CCleaner is a great free utility for Windows. If you need to maintain your computers this is the way to do it.

A didactic run of the simple (yet mighty) CCleaner on a colleague’s laptop: 2,1GB of disk space reclaimed: Thousands of cookies (most of them used to track your online behaviour) deleted: Note to antivirus administrators: Please keep SEP under control, as it tends to aggregate a lot of junk: This is not a thorough clean – there is a lot more junk and privacy-compromising stuff on this machine, but a CCleaner run is a dead-easy first step. … Read More

UPDATE: This is probably the biggest tool I use as an IT technician. It solves a slew of issues. This should be your first step in solving a computer problem.

via usability | security | freedom

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  1. I really like CCleaner, and if you have a bunch of other programs installed, CCleaner Enhancer ( probably has some extra cleanup definitions for those as well.

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