Please stop spamming my blog. It makes me feel seriously unloved. (via Deep-fried Cheesesteaks)

I get the same kind of comment spam. It increases with the more visitors you get. I suppose you could pay for the upgrade which would take care of most of this. I think the upgrade is $5 a month last time I checked.

When I get notice someone has commented on my blog, and that approval is needed, it's a huge letdown to read a stranger's words: Ha!  I'm actually the first reply to your amazing post? OR Deep-fried Cheesesteaks, you've done it again!  Excellent writing! What an evil spamming technique.  Say something nice but vague and completely insincere.   I feel like I am being mocked.  These spam comments make me feel like complete strangers find my bloggin … Read More

via Deep-fried Cheesesteaks

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One Reply to “Please stop spamming my blog. It makes me feel seriously unloved. (via Deep-fried Cheesesteaks)”

  1. I feel your pain! Every new post I make is tied to some spam site. How did this happen?!

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