Is Snow Leopard saying Samsung CLP-300 Rastertosec failed?

You might read more about the problem here. Or just try Tims suggestion which worked for many people. “In case this might be helpful to someone out there, I’d like to share my experiences with this issue.

On upgrading to Snow Leopard, I started to have the same problems as everybody else trying to print from my MacBook to a Samsung CLP 300 connected to an AirPort Express: The “rastertosec” executable would crash with a segmentation fault (EXC_BAD_ACCESS).

I tried out nearly all suggestions in this thread to fix the problem, to no avail. I did not find a 10.3 to 10.6 integrated driver for the CLP 300 at the Samsung site, but the rastertosec programm nicked from the one for the ML 2510 didn’t make a difference either.

I finally managed to avoid the crash by forcibly removing the 64bit code from the rastertosec program installed in /Library/Printers/Samsung/Filters/ by the most recent (as of 2009-10-13) drivers downloaded automatically from Apple:

sudo mv rastertosec rastertosec.bak
sudo ditto -arch i386 rastertosec.bak rastertosec

This forces the operating system to use the 32bit code, which happens to work just fine. Together with the remaining evidence this seems to indicate that there’s a programming error in the rastertosec code that manifests itself if compiled as 64bit code (not exactly an unheard of thing to happen…) and may or may not be triggered depending on the exact data and options the filter is given. Of course, one could only be sure by carefully analyzing the source code, which is not available…”