Paribus Gets You Reimbursed When the Price of Something You’ve Bought Goes Down

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This is interesting. I have never taken a company up on that offer to get reimbursed when the prices go down. It was always too much of a hassle for the small amount involved. Now with this, it makes it easy and worthwhile.

So all you have to do is let this app scan the receipts and then it will tell you if there is a refund and take 25% of it for handling the paperwork. Since this is money most people would miss, it seems like a no-brainer. What a great idea!

I wonder how far this could be done with past receipts? I have taken things back to stores when they don’t work as advertised or are poor quality. I had to take back some cleaning wipes last week for example since they said they were mint smelling and could clean but they did not smell like mint and did not clean. The store took them back with no discussion even though I didn’t have a receipt since it was a store brand. It is one of the advantages of buying the cheaper store brand. You can take them back for a refund if there is a problem and you never have to have a receipt.

I am going to try this and report back how well it works. If you try it can you let me know in the About Me tab at the top? Then we can share it with other friends who might benefit.

Having issues with your Apple 45 watt power adapter?

Join the club. As you can read in the customer reviews of the Apple 45 watt power adapter they are universally hated.

Suffer from any of these problems?

  1. Stops charging
  2. Frayed cord
  3. Broken ending
  4. Explodes when plugged in?

I had a friend who had it stop charging to her Macbook Air so I suggested that she take it in the Apple store. When the genius plugged it in the power socket it exploded. Well she got a replacement adapter, so I started to look into the issues with this part. Was this just a freak thing, or a sign of a larger problem? It seems to be a sign of a larger problem.

Interesting that in the past Apple blamed many of these issues on third-party power adapters. It seems that the majority of people who had this place the blame on Apple. This isn’t a new issue either. Probably 3 years ago in CT a home was burnt because of a faulty Apple power adapter. There are many examples where power adapters have been dangerous.

Whenever I see people who have apple power adapters tightened up with tape, I always encourage people to take it for replacement at the Apple store. I don’t think that any third-party or end-user fix is appropriate given the fact it will void an Apple warranty. Certainly anyone still under the warranty would be well served to take it to the Apple store. Certainty it shouldn’t be required, but just like the airbag recall sometimes you have to bring the issue to the attention of decision makers to get action.

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