Science on TV is really bad

I used to watch Lost in Space as a kid. As a kid I was fascinated with the series. However when I tried to watch it as an adult I found it unwatchable.

Part of the reason is that I have a better understanding of science and now the writing and plots seem ridiculous. For example in one episode they saw a comet and one of the characters said that she could feel the heat of it, even though the robot estimated it was an hour away. Now unless that comet is a sun, there is no way that it can be on fire like a piece of wood and being an hour away even if it were in heat, it couldn’t be felt due to the atmosphere. Not only that but comets are normally ice and a comet trail is formed as the sun or heat melts it.

It isn’t just old shows from the 50’s, but also new modern shows that should now better. Almost every science fiction show throws away science and logic with a regularity that insults its viewers. I can’t watch an episode of Star Trek, Star Wars, Sliders, SG1, Dr. Who, etc without this happening. I think writers need to take a science class and also a memory class. For example, when you watch an episode you watch them earlier violate something they later claim is impossible.

SG1 for example says that you can’t remove an unwilling symbiote without killing the host. Yet in one of their episodes they showed this being done by one of their allies. In that episode they said they “found a way” yet the people who found a way were allies of the humans, and knew it all along. Why didn’t they share this which would have helped their human allies? All the time shows create artificial situations that are not logical and are not reasonable.

I said in an earlier post that when you re-watch an episode you discover the flaws in that episode. Now with Netflix/Hulu we are re-watching our favorite episodes and realizing their flaws and problems. I bet that in the future maybe 20 years or so, we will be able to edit episodes like Star Trek or Dr. Who and with virtual reality place our self inside this narrative. Not quite the holodeck, but a visual representation where we fix the flaws of our favorite episodes.

For example in Star Wars how could Yoda stay hidden on Dagobauh? Darth Vader said he felt Luke’s presence in the force from a ship far away. He certainly would have been past that planet at some time in his career. Are you saying that he couldn’t feel his force power? Or when the emperor is surprised that Vader turns on him? He didn’t think that this might be a situation where Vader might be tested? It seems like writers forget that the rules they set up apply, and then try to suspend them when there is no logical way to save Luke. Luke should have died in the scenario. Someone whose heart was hardened by the thousands/millions of people Vader killed should not be bothered if he kills his son. He had been trying to kill him for years himself. What happened to Vader? Was the villain having a touch of humanity still some kind of philosophical meaning as opposed to the reality of killers who once they start serial killing, tend to pick up steam?

TV is a fantasy, but increasingly it has very little base in reality. Obviously they are going for what sells, but why are we accepting this nonsensical garbage?