Malware that can infect the Mac

Mac OS X Isn’t Safe Anymore: The Crapware / Malware Epidemic Has Begun – StumbleUpon. This is a good article about malware that can infect the Mac. It gives you some understanding of how to avoid malware when you download programs on the Internet.

There is clearly less malware on the mac but you still have to be careful. Ever since I found malware at CNET and other places I started avoiding them. Really the only way to send a message to companies is to avoid sites that promote malware.

Mac OS X Isn't Safe Anymore: The Crapware / Malware Epidemic Has Begun - StumbleUpon

Malware to me is anything that you don’t want. Most people do not understand the extra programs that get installed when they install software. The price for most “free” software is quite high.

I wonder if this is why Linux has had problems getting adopted. The average person after getting burned by “free” software feels that they are not going to depend on a “free” operating system. They probably wonder what the catch is. Other people have said why Linux isn’t popular. It also has malware so it doesn’t seem there is an easy answer to this problem.

SG-1 episodes thoughtful

I am watching an SG-1 episode and I really like how thoughtful it is in pointing out different points of view. In this episode Daniel is infected by an alien virus that causes him to appear insane. Then the proof finally comes when it goes away from him.

It brings things into sharp focus when you see in a story the assumptions of how reality is. I like how Daniel wasn’t crazy, but didn’t have a good experience with people who are only trained to see crazy. I see very often in daily life that people disregard others and consider them crazy because they don’t fit into their idea of what life is. I like that in this episode mental illness is shown realistically in that the person who is perceived can’t show they aren’t crazy.

We all have our own beliefs and ideas that if we were to verbalize would seem crazy. It is crazy when a beautiful woman thinks she is fat, or when a smart man considers he is dumb. Often the only difference between people who are considered crazy and those who aren’t, is that as a society we perceive certain things as crazy.