Is Cloud software right for my daily use?

File-syncing and storage service Box gives you plenty of tools to do more with your files than simply make them available. It’s also wonderfully customizable, letting you integrate your Box account with a wide range of apps and services.

Source: Box (Personal) Review & Rating |

I have been helping use box with companies for years and it is really a great option if you want to sync files easily for people. I have used the competition (Google drive, iCloud, Dropbox, ect) and I like Box the best. What I like is that they have a variety of ways to use it, which means that you can really customize it and find the best work style that works for you.

I guess the only real disadvantage is that you have to download programs to get additional functionality, but one day perhaps they will auto install when you log into Box. I don’t mind having to install those programs because they allow people to share Office documents like Word or PowerPoint and not have those applications. No longer do you have to help people installer viewers for those file types if they do not use the software.

There seems to be a trend of companies moving away from buying Office software. I like that companies are thinking more open source and less proprietary. It gives people who don’t have money to buy expensive software a chance to be taken seriously in the world of work. I have had recruiters tell me that if someone doesn’t have a resume in Word, they don’t read it. That seems a little harsh to me. Not everyone can afford an expensive program like Word. To me the quality of their experience should mean more than what format it is in.


Head Start program played anti-segregation role in the Deep South

Source: Head Start program played anti-segregation role in the Deep South — ScienceDaily

So according to the article HS employed people who didn’t have formal teaching degrees, and that enabled social improvement. Isn’t it interesting that even without trying, often there are benefits of programs designed for one group of people. It’s almost like you can’t help one group without helping other groups.

Equality is interesting isn’t it? When we treat some groups as less than equal, we do a disservice to everyone. Historically our attempts at making decisions have been ineffective. It’s not my goal to tell people how to make decisions, but certainly skin color is not relevant at all. I wonder when people will judge people by their intentions, character and situation rather than some arbitrary standard?

It is the most common thing to see people who have been marginalized because they were not what someone else thought they should be. In the past I was discriminated against on the basis of a religion. I certainly understand the frustration of people who face discrimination on a daily basis. With the recent ruling on marriage equality that is a promising sign that we are growing as a civilization. One day I hope we look back at our past discrimination and wonder why we were ever so immature to think so limited.