Driving right into the DEA database

U.S. Spies on Millions of Drivers - WSJ

Are you driving right into the DEA database?

You can thank our Justice Department for creating a real-time database to track vehicle movement. It really further narrows any privacy that people have in their lives.

Privacy is getting so tough for even dedicated people these days. Companies like Apple promise privacy yet Apple still falters. You can only get so private for example with your CLUE score. Goole has its own privacy concerns. Here is some discussion so that you can have some internet privacy settings. Here is a list of the 15 worst internet privacy scandals of all time. Is Googles privacy evil accidental or on purpose? Do you want to have ultimate computer privacy? You can hack your computer and glasses and no one else will see. What are the effects of storing your files in Dropbox for example on privacy? Disney apparently violated children’s privacy and only had to pay $3 million dollars. I wonder how much money they made? Privacy groups applaud Senator Rockerfeller. Here is how you opt-out of online tracking. Here is a story from my past where someone says privacy is a myth. How can you hide your phone number and still receive phone calls? Apple being sued over data privacy. Many people concerned about privacy from Google and Facebook. How to increase privacy on your computer and make it faster by removing junk. Facebook is often in trouble for online privacy breaches. Hacker claims iPhone freely transmits private information.

via U.S. Spies on Millions of Drivers – WSJ.

iOS 8 keyboard utility

Do you like typing fast in iOS 8 keyboard utility?

This is an interesting idea to make responding to things on your iPhone easier. It allows you to save a block of text, or individual text and to make text entry easier.

OftenType's iOS 8 Keyboard App Wants To Save You Some Taps - StumbleUpon

iOS 8 has brought some neat features like the fingerprint reader. Although there is some legal concern about the fingerprint being used against you. Did you know that Koalas have human-like fingerprints? You can even buy a Kwikset lock that reads your fingerprints.

iOS also has family sharing to share your App store content like music, movies, apps. It is also neat because you can use Hand Off to share content/work between your mac and iPhone device. Here is a list of 8 common Apple iOS 8 questions answered. Are you getting the error message in iOS 8 that this accessory may not be supported? Join the club. Even with new Apple hardware this occurs. Having problems upgrading to iOS 8? For a while, upgrading to 8.0.1 killed your cell service on your iPhone. Want to play games with a nice controller on your iPhone with iOS 8?

OftenType’s iOS 8 Keyboard App Wants To Save You Some Taps – StumbleUpon.