Sophos cleans what Kaspersky can’t

I helped a company once switch from Kaspersky to Sophos for several reasons. It was cheaper, worked better, and was easier to manage. In the process of switching to Sophos it found malware on almost 50% of the computers it was installed on. Quite disappointing for Kaspersky.

What was even more disappointing is that Kaspersky was hacked. So it doesn’t give a great feeling when your security provider doesn’t have good security. Of course hacking can happen to any company, but again why would you trust something that has already been compromised?

It is surprising but people seem to trust companies that have been hacked. Banks get hacked all the time, yet people don’t take out their money and find a bank that hasn’t been hacked. To me, if a company doesn’t invest in security then they don’t deserve my business. I don’t do business with companies with a poor security record. For example, DropBox was repeatedly hacked yet many people use it. Why?

I get that people are not IT people, but they hear in the general media that a company has been broken into. To me, not caring about the security of your property means that you shouldn’t have a right to complain when there is a problem. If you keep your money or information with a company with a poor security record like Microsoft, what do you expect? From a security point of view, using a Mac more than pays for itself.

Yes I can hear the security people say that Macs get hacked. Yes it is true. However the vast majority of malware is written for Windows and they know that. It is disingenuous to say that you can get the same level of security using a Windows computer that has been secured as a mac that has been secured. I once was asked in an interview for a job how I would secure a mac. I said that I would put it behind many layered networked forms of protection and hope for the best. He interviewer asked why I wouldn’t configure the mac computer to be more secure. I said that I disagree that configuring the client makes any difference. Turning on the secure lock screen or any of that makes no bit of difference for anyone with an average amount of mac knowledge. If they can touch a computer they can compromise it. The biggest risk comes from the outside of the organization, so you have to take a network approach to minimize that.

I have never worked at a company where the threat of data loss was internal. Companies that focus on internal threats or the interviewer that asked me about that, usually are paranoid and focused on the wrong things. I was offered the job in that interview but I turned it down since I didn’t like the atmosphere of the business. I would have been wasting my time configuring things that wouldn’t have helped anyone. There is far more unsecured network systems like SAN’s or file storage than what is on a single or multiple laptops.

14 (Almost) Free Things To Do In New York

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This is a nice and surprisingly thoughtful list of places and things to do that everyone will find something they enjoy. When I have been in Chinatown you can often find things very cheap. Chinatown is probably the best place to go if you want to enjoy yourself cheaply in New York. I went karoke singing there once with friends and after all the drinks it was far below what it would have been anywhere else.

The mystery of New York's eternal flameNew York has so many great things to do. It really is wonderful how full and exciting your life can be. It is completely different than what I grew up with, and I love it. Sometimes you have to pull back and give yourself some space but then you have everything. It isn’t about stuff, but about experiences you can have. You can travel around the world when you talk and experience other cultures.

It sometimes surprises me I have read that most people don’t move 100 miles from where they were born. Why wouldn’t you want to explore the world? Why not see and better understand your own point of view by examining other points of view? Whenever I have worked with people from other nationalities my travel to their countries or familiarity with their culture made them feel valued and important. Everyone is important, not just mainstream white culture.