Stories from my Past: Generosity isn’t always helpful.

If you listen to people, you can learn the most incredible things. One time my coworker shared with me that her son who lived with her was 21 years old. We were talking about cars and she mentioned that he had had 4 cars in his young life. I was amazed and asked why and she shared that he had gotten into some accidents and not been careful. I continued to listen to her but in the back of my mind I had so many questions.

When you buy someone car after car when they are not responsible with one, are you helping them or hurting them? In this case, all those accidents caused him to loose his license and luckily he didn’t lose his life. It was fascinating listening to her explain how her insurance rates were sky high and the other money she spend on her family. She clearly wanted them to have a good life but at what cost to their character?

If money was no object would you give someone whatever they wanted? There is a famous quote that says “Whom the gods wish to destroy they first make rich.” I think of that often when I see the self-destructive behavior of what rich people do. Of course you can be homeless and self-destructive as well. Taking care of yourself can be a challenge. However it is also true that suicide rates of millionaires are higher than those less wealthy.

Isn’t it interesting that money doesn’t solve problems, it often just makes them worse.

Windows 7 vs Windows 8.1? What should you use?

As Windows 10 draws nearer and Microsoft distances itself from older OS, we look at the best option for your PC

Source: Windows 8.1 vs. Windows 7 – Which is best for you? | 2 | IT PRO

What is interesting about this choice is that even though Windows 7 is older, most business prefer it. It all goes back to support and familiarity, which is probably why most people would benefit from whatever they are most familiar with.

I have been using Windows 8.1 and I find it confusing compared to how Windows 7 and previous versions of Windows worked. I dislike the Metro interface like many others. I think the average person will dislike it as well. Is is unfortunate that more computer vendors don’t allow a downgrade on all of their computers. I am convinced that the people who like 8.1 are those who like a challenge and use lots of Microsoft software.

There are great hardware choices out there, but if they only run Windows its like a beautiful person with no substance. Nice to look at, but you don’t want to deal with them on a daily basis. I am convinced that if Mac ran on PC hardware Microsoft wouldn’t stand a chance. I don’t think Apple will allow that to happen, but it would be an interesting experiment again. I think the clones hurt them because they were selling the software experience and the hardware was average. Now that Apple has hardware that no one else has like the light weight MacBook and the watch, it is now a competitive advantage.