Looking at things from others point of view

It is a challenge, but looking at things from others  point of view makes all the difference in your life.

Looking at things from another point of view doesn’t mean you have to agree with it, but you can understand their position. Then once you understand where they are coming from, you can better help them. At the very least you can understand their feelings, and perhaps address their feelings as well.

It is not our job to be psychologists to each other, but practically speaking that is what we do to be successful. Many times when I help someone it isn’t so much they don’t know what to do, its just that they don’t feel comfortable doing what they know they should do. That is something emotional, and encouraging people has worked wonders for me and them.

Why am I bringing this up? I am reminded daily of the lack of willingness to look at others point of view. In fact, I often see that conflicts are a result of not just acknowledging the others persons point of view is valid. Just giving people the right to feel that way, makes 95% of the problem disappear.

I have been most effective when you realize the feeling beneath the statement of what people are saying. People don’t always verbalize their true needs. Their needs may be to make something work better, but the way they are trying to accomplish it doesn’t help them or others. Sometimes I wonder if peoples issues in work is nothing more than the same issues that they face in their personal life. It is certaintly true from my experience. I have grown from the experiences I have had at work, and my personal experiences have helped me to grow as well.

Many times your coworkers don’t need you to be smart, only to listen.