Stories from My Past: Don’t tell anyone ok?

It is not easy for anyone to be respected in a job. Even though someone has the experience and desire to do a good job, you often have to prove yourself when you come to an office. So it is no surprise that I have noticed that many women feel they have to be “tough” and just like men to get ahead in the business world. There is a point to me saying this, just be patient.

Stories from My Past: Don't tell anyone ok?I was talking with a coworker and she let it inadvertently slip that she was sponsoring a child from a developing nation. I probably made a silly joke that she responded to without thinking. Anyway once she realized that I knew she told me “Don’t tell anyone ok?” I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone, but was curious and asked her why. Her response surprised me even more.

“If people knew I was sponsoring a child, they would think I was rich and getting paid alot.” she said.

“So let me get this straight I said.,” I said. “Don’t tell anyone you are a good person so they think your just a tough no nonsense woman right”

“Exactly.,” she said.

I never told anyone. I thought it was fascinating that when people act tough they don’t give others the chance to be weak as well. One of the things I have learned in IT is that everyone has computer problems, no matter how knowledgeable you are. Even I have IT problems that aren’t immediately obvious. I find the solution, but having a problem doesn’t mean you are less of a professional.

In an interview, or really anytime you deal with anyone else you have to show you are human and have weaknesses. When an interviewer asks what my weaknesses are I sincerely say “How much time do you have?” They usually laugh, but knowing your faults is part of what makes you effective. You not only have to push yourself to grow, but also know your limitations. When I sense there is a limitation that is best addressed by someone else, I tell them. I am not the answer to everything, and I don’t have to be.

Safe water or save money?

You most likely saw a photo or video of the millions of black plastic balls covering the Los Angeles Reservoir. They protect the region’s drinking water, but now they’re being replaced.

Source: L.A. Says Goodbye to ‘Shade Balls’

It turns out that the balls will be at only one location, but at other locations they will cover the water instead for more complete coverage.

It was amazing how the photo was so popular when it happened. I think it’s because it was something reminiscent of our childhood. The rubber ducky or ball in the bathtub and now in a lake for real reasons. Many times ideas seems recycled and I think this was just another example of a recycled idea.

Yes the old saying “There are no new ideas” is interesting to apply here. In some ways that is true. In other ways it is not. One of the troupes of culture is the idea that we have the answer to everything, we just need to apply it. This is clearly not the case. We don’t have the answer to the human need to control, or to make decisions that are contrary to the well-being of ourselves and others. We still tend to make choices that we know aren’t good for us.

What is concerning in reading this article is the discussion about bromide. It makes it seem that due to the composition of the water, that cancer and disease is likely. I wonder why they don’t take stronger steps to prevent this. If it costs $250 million dollars to prevent cancer, that is preferable isn’t it? With decisions like this, we are basically saying that lives are less important than saving money, and that can’t be right. Or is this rather an example of someone making a decision that they believe is in the public best interest, instead of just asking the public? I bet if you put it to a vote to increase the cost of water if it could be made safer, everyone would vote for that.