Apple watch hype

Everyday I have read or heard someone talking about the new Apple watch that is soon to be here. Its great that Apple gets people excited but I don’t share that excitement. To me, the Apple watch is setting up a dangerous precedent of catering to the upper upper income and Apple’s fortunes have been made by appealing to those less wealthy. Is this jealously? I don’t think so. I was glad to give up wearing a watch years ago and don’t consider wearing even more technology to be liberating.

Just today someone said about the apple watch “It will change your life.” I felt like I was an an Apple cult revival meeting. He went on and on about how Apple thinks about the information cycle which was just speculation. Hey I like what Apple creates as well, but they are not the savior and walk on water. Maybe the Apple watch will be great, or maybe it will fail. When you have bought a vendors spiel about innovation you look to apply it to problems that might be better served by other products.

For example, I worked at a company once that had Palm Pilots. Those were fun and cool, but the money and time that was spend on them didn’t create a justification for money created from them. Much of technology that I have seen rich people and companies consume is “boy this is neat” but then goes in the pile of junk they never use again. Take Blackberry for example. Companies used to swear by their blackberries, but once iPhone came, Blackberry went out the window. So all the time and money that was spend on that was wasted. At the same time the iPhone or just a regular laptop/desktop could have done what that did. There were very few cases of companies that I supported with blackberry that employees having blackberries was a competitive advantage and gained business.What I saw is that 99% of people who had a Blackberry use it for things that could have waited until tomorrow. When you spend that kind of money you need to have a more compelling reason than “just because everyone else is doing it.”

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not comparing the Apple phone to a Blackberry or past technology. You can spend money however you want, but technology not aligned to business is just wasting money.

iPhones and Cars not always easy

I have a customer who has an iPhone 6 Plus and a Lexus. She is loaded as you can tell. The problem is that since she updated to the latest iOS version the streaming no longer works on her car through USB. She doesn’t like to use Bluetooth because she is concerned about ionizing radiation. So that means she hasn’t been able to listen to her music. So I did many troubleshooting steps to fix this but nothing worked until yesterday.

Lexus automatically jumpI had: Gotten her a new phone since her old phone had other issues, restored iOS on it from scratch using iTunes, reset all the settings, done a hard reset, tried different apple cables, reset the car personal information, really everything that was out there. I was at the end of my rope. I didn’t know what else I could try. Just for fun I thought lets try downloading a song from the Apple iTunes store and see if it plays. I remembered having authentication problems with my first iPod device so I thought maybe it needs to authenticate somehow. So once I downloaded the song, the music that was on the iPhone in the Music app started playing! I was amazed. I tried her third party music streaming app and it worked too.

It has been a couple weeks and it seems to be working. If you can’t make your USB play or recognize your iPhone try it and let me know with the About Me page. Thanks!