Thinking about a Standing desk?

Thinking about a Standing desk?

Source: Ergotron 45-405-026 WorkFit-LX Adjustable Standing Desk Attachment

This is the same model that I had in one of my positions and it worked great. It was so solid and reliable and it really opened up space on the desk when it was used. In addition it made standing or sitting comfortable and the screen and keyboard could be perfectly positioned for ergonomics.

There are studies that show that sitting is as great a risk to health as smoking. That by using a standing desk you can reduce your risk of diabetes and heart problems. This is especially important for minorities who are at greater risk for those issues.

What is nice about this also is that it is a great icebreaker with coworkers. I had people who never talked to me ask me about it when it was installed. It was really amazing to find out how many people considered asking for something like this but were afraid to. So you really gain some respect in asking for what you need to be efficient. I look at it like if this is going to reduce medical care costs, how can we not afford to have an ergonomic environment?

The price for this retail is around $500 which is much cheaper than one doctor visit or having a problem later. I have also lost weight when I used this and felt more energy and vitality. Sitting really is tough when you realize it from not sitting.

Most internet anonymity software leaks users’ details: Report reveals IPv6 weaknesses in VPN services — ScienceDaily

Source: Most internet anonymity software leaks users’ details: Report reveals IPv6 weaknesses in VPN services — ScienceDaily

So companies that promise privacy can’t provide it? No surprise there. I have seen many hackers use VPN, proxies to disguise who they are, but eventually anyone who is persistent will find them. I had a friend show me once how to track someone down and it was amazing easy. It is remarkable what you can do when you know something.

More importantly, secrecy can be crucial for those living in places where they are not given freedom. Anything VPN can do to protect people who are seeking a way to overthrow an oppressive government should be protected in my opinion. I don’t like secrets, and I don’t like things operating in the dark, but at times they are a necessary evil. I don’t pretend to have the answers, but giving people who are looking to make the world a better place a tool to help them do that, what is the harm there?

We often hear that the government needs surveillance power like the old Freedom act to find terrorists. That was a failure. I think there was a report that said that no actionable intelligence was gained from the billions/trillions? spend on that. So many social programs could have been done instead. It is a strange kind of choice those in power make isn’t it? They would rather ignore the many things that need to be done like homeless, in order to protect a very small niche that may not be protect-able. Some people are going to die, and increasing security does little to fix that. Rather it seems that increasing our humanity and appreciation and love for each other would be a better use of money.

Of course I’m not in charge, I just get to watch the consequence like everyone else of those in power who made poor choices. When are we going to get tired of the weak and oppressed always getting the worst deal possible?