BBC – Autos – A flight of fancy: Mercedes-Benz takes to the skies

The German luxury carmaker partners with Lufthansa for a seductive cabin-design project.

Isn’t this amazing? Can you imagine flying like this? This will probably never happen for anyone, but what a wonderful and amazing experience that would be.

It looks so peaceful and relaxing. I wonder why they don’t show this kind of creativity on their cars? Some amazing car design and manufacturing when you research cars. I have seen some beautiful examples of cars and featured them here. Here is the Decoliner. Even a teen who lifted a car off his grandfather.

I think that the airlines attempt to maximize profits by shrinking seat size is ultimately going to work against them. I refuse to fly and I am sure there are others who will not accept that small of a space. Just like crowded rats, the pain of travel will outweigh the benefits.

What is most amazing is that we have the incredible ability to design planes like this, yet we lack the will to find an energy source that would make flight like this economical. How much money has been spent on energy research compared to the trillions spent on war? The human race is like a bully that instead of finding a better way, stubbornly clings to the ideas that “it is right” and has the right and duty to hurt other humans. It is a mystery. Why do we think violence is the answer?

Source: BBC – Autos – A flight of fancy: Mercedes-Benz takes to the skies

Trust me I’m lying

Don’t you find it amazing that all the time in US society we tell people to trust me and also say at the same time admit we are lying? Take for example advertisements. It is almost the rule that ridiculous things happen on advertisements while at the bottom of the screen saying “Do not attempt”. So you are basically trying to sell the car or whatever by doing things that you are telling people to never attempt. Does this seem like a useful strategy?

We know as individuals that nice appearance are normally a lie and unrealistic. Yet we as a society value and venerate celebrities, models, porn stars and others. These people who add questionable value to the world are treated better than people who work and dedicate themselves to improving things like teachers, scientists or doctors.

Why do we allow people to lie to us and act like it is ok? I don’t understand how people accept being lied to. When we don’t hold people accountable to the truth, what are we saying is the value to truth? We talk a good game about being an example to the world of democracy. What value is democracy when the rich and corporations rule it? What value is democracy when we allow those who are supposed to serve us lie to us? What value is democracy when we not only lie to our partners, but we lie to our own citizens (NSA). How can we be an example when we lack integrity. What kind of example are we?

It is embarrassing to be an US citizen when we act so irresponsibility with everyone. I consider myself a citizen of the world, and a human. I do not think that nationalism is helpful and can only lead to over-identification with a particular group. I don’t like people’s tendency to identify with their ethic or other groups in which they belong. Perhaps it is because I am adopted, but it seems that we are all human and that treating each as an individual is the only rational choice. What do you think?