I love her so much – A sisters costly decision

Touching Story: 9 Year Old Girl Nearly Dies Trying To Save Her Sister – YouTube.

A sister saves her other sister from being  hit by a driver and when asked why she did this she said “I love her so much and she is so little I was afraid she might die.” What a loving person!

So many loving gestures I have shared here. Like internalizing his message. Or when you can see clearly now. I have learned that good intensions aren’t enough. That the Internet can have an outpouring of love for a dying girls bucket list.

What can do we to love each other every day when we don’t have the opportunity or need to put our life on the line? Can we be patient with someone for 30 seconds longer? Can we share something that we might not want to share because we are afraid it might get ruined? Can we make the extra effort to take someone somewhere they need to go? I have learned that love doesn’t consist in grand gestures like laying down your coat over a muddle puddle or slaying the metaphorical dragon. It costs more in being patient and kind and loving someone with their faults and weaknesses just like you have in yourself. We are all imperfect, but strangely we sometimes often seek to have others live up to our ideas of perfection.

Cute animal and people selfies

These are some amazing cute animal and people selfies. I rarely post cute things but I am surprised at how friendly some of the animals in this list were. It is clear that animals understand more than we believe they do.

20 Animals That Just Want to be in Your Selfie - StumbleUpon

What I love about this photo is how happy the dog is. Clearly he is well treated and this is just another exciting opportunity for him to be part of the action. Anyone who has pets know what a richness they add into your lives. Not because of their usefulness to us, but because we are forced to change our perspective daily and see things from their point of view. I think that was the most wonderful part of having a dog in the past. That no matter what my problems were, at the end of the day it was just a temporary thing and enjoying life was always an option.

I see the same thing with people who talk about their children. It is touching when people care about others and themselves. I saw on LinkedIn a profile that said something like “put others needs ahead of my own”. That may be the way she was taught, but it is a short-term strategy that will fail. The people I see who do this burn out and don’t have anything to offer to others because they are not happy in themselves. I wonder why we have the idea that sacrificing makes people happy?

20 Animals That Just Want to be in Your Selfie – StumbleUpon.