Coming around again – not just for Carly Simon

I was driving and listening to a song that I hadn’t heard for a long time. I couldn’t remember the artist name but then it came to me. I remembered listening to it on record and how surprised and pleased I was to first hear it. Then I realized something I was bored of it. The song had been overplayed on the radio like many songs unfortunately are. My point? That when over time we get bored with something, it was because our life has been rich enough to have that experience in the first place.

I was thinking that many people in the world don’t have the opportunity to experience culture, music, shows, video games in the way that we do in the United States. Most people in the world just struggle to get by, so entertainment is often an afterthought. Whenever we who are rich enough and spoiled enough feel “boredom” it is a testament to the richness and diversity of our lives.

Another realization is that sometimes we are impatient to try things, yet we often have many chances to experiences things in our lives. Not just once, but sometimes we have the opportunity to experience thing many times in our lives. Is this not a miracle? It has been said that even the richest kings in the past did not have the standard of living that the average person enjoys today. With our advanced medical care, good nutrition and technology we have lives that could not have been imagined just 50 years ago. We are able to LARP our way in the past, and add parts to ourselves to approach a Borg future. We have choice like never before yet people are unhappy? How can this be?

I don’t pretend to have the answers, but it seems to me that the more I have been grateful and appreciate the things that I have in my life the happier I have been. Maybe we don’t need more stuff, we just need more perspective and gratitude towards the stuff already in our lives.

Why I am saying Goodbye to Google

It has been a long time decision, but today I said goodbye to Google and deleted my account with them. I no longer have a Gmail address, or any of the other older services I use to use. Why did I do this? For the reasons I list below.

  1. Privacy. Google just wouldn’t stop being creepy with peaking in and letting me know it was looking at me. I don’t need any company to scan every word of every email I ever send. It doesn’t matter that it is free, your privacy is worth something. I switched to Fastmail a week ago and it has been a pleasure to use. No ugly interface, no spam, and a very nice threaded interface with long email chains. Google has not grown past being an advertising company.
  2. google walletPerformance. Gmail was down several times in the past few years in comparison to services like Rackspace that were never down. When a lesser funded company does something better and more reliable than a bigger company, you have to ask yourself why? Because for Rackspace they need the revenue, while Google doesn’t get money from its services. If you don’t get money from services, then there is no motivation to have a good product.
  3. Quality. I said before that Gmail but all of google services are ugly. Plus they keep changing the interface and so you spend time learning where things are. This is not worth it to me. The fact is that time is money and you can’t waste your time and not feel frustrated by it. I never liked the fact that google had poor service for Gmail, and when customers had problems they basically had no one to turn to. I had several customers who were hacked in their Gmail so to me, this is no longer a quality solution. Even with dual authentication they got hacked, so they had to go to application level passwords. At that point its time to change to another provider since Gmail clearly doesn’t have it anymore.
  4. iOS support. Gmail had an iOS app that crashed on me many times, and was a battery hog. Since I am not using it anymore my battery life has increased. When a company only has to do things “good enough” then it is wasting everyone’s time by “competing”.

I will not be using any Google services, and with my use of AdBlock I won’t be supporting them anymore in any way. I am also going to test Safari/Firefox and compare them against google for performance, quality and use. It’s clear that Google now goes on my list of Brands to avoid.