Verizon feeling the pressure

I have Verizon as my cell phone provider. It is because it was a gift from a previous company I worked at. I would not have used them otherwise.

Verizon is a pricey choice for service. I had used AT&T in the past and I will never use them again. I had looked at using T Mobile in the past, but their network wasn’t very good. However lately they have really invested in their network, so it will probably be the next one that I support. Sprint has the worst customer support ever and one company that I had used them and it was a disaster. So I learned my lesson with them.

Why am I sharing this? It is because Verizon was losing customers in a big way lately until they offered the unlimited data option. The other competition was just too much better and cheaper to ignore. I had even seriously considered moving to another carrier just to save on the monthly charge. Right now I am paying about $80 for unlimited, and if I went to T Mobile it would be about $70.

So $10 a month isn’t enough to move. If my phone wasn’t locked to Verizon I would already have changed to T mobile. I will probably move to them once I have to buy a new smart-phone.

I am really hesitating on what smart-phone to buy. I don’t like Android, but Apple doesn’t deserve the money either. Having a phone without a audio out jack is just not reasonable. It is too soon for that change, and blue-tooth is not a reliable replacement. Part of me is tempted to just buy the most simple phone and forget the smartphone business.

Smartphones are interesting but I think their time is past. I think people want just one device. They get fatigue keeping one device up to date and working. Trying to keep something like an iPhone, watch, iPad and computer working is too much for most people. Honestly I just want as few devices as possible, and right now the phone is more of a music player than a phone.

I love it that Verizon feels the competition. Consumers always win when they have a choice.