Guy defends his car worth $500 and loses two toes

Guy defends his car worth $500 and loses two toesGuy defends his car worth $500 and loses two toes. People make interesting choices don’t they? This guy defends his older Passat worth $500 and loses two toes.

He put his life in danger, the life of others in danger, and damaged his almost worthless car. In addition he says it’s because of the principle of the thing.

I am not judging him or his choices in life. It is his choice what he wants to do. What is interesting is when people make impulse choices and don’t consider the possible consequences. I knew long ago that if anyone ever threatened me, they could have whatever I had. I would never defend anything that I have if someone wanted it. I have been the victim of a grab and run where someone took my iPhone and aside from surprise I felt sorry for the person who stole from me. It was a minority and maybe he didn’t have food or was in a bad situation.

Don’t misunderstand. I am not excusing crime. Everyone has the burden of their choices and the consequences. What I am exploring is that when people make choices often the consequences are surprising and disastrous.

For example, people often do things that their IT team asks them not to do. Many companies test their software to work with a certain version of windows, and they standardize on that version. Anything outside of that version isn’t supported because it may not work. Too often, people think that computer things are simple, and that they can upgrade the software. So end-users upgrade the software, and then things stop working. Then it costs money for the company to fix the software back to its original condition.

This not listening to IT is pretty constant at every company I’ve worked at. I think people like to break software just to see if they can use it the same way they do their computer at home. Or they think that the limitations that IT have proposed is arbitrary or for some reason that prevents them from being efficient. It’s a distrust of IT I think that causes users to challenge the way things are done.

Of course things can always be improved in IT, and it requires teamwork for that to happen.

Stories from my Past: Why would I go out for hamburger?

Stories from my Past: Why would I go out for hamburger? I have had some unique conversations with people. One of them was a former boss who owned a company. He traveled often and the subject came up if he ever was lonely when he was traveling. He told me “My wife is a steak. Why would I go out for hamburger when I have steak at home?” I laughed but have thought about it off and on as I became older.

Stories from my Past: Why would I go out for hamburger?It is curious isn’t it? When we have something like a relationship, we really don’t want to explore other options. Even though something might be better in some ways, it’s also worse in other ways. In that way a relationship is 95% enjoyed just by having one. Even a bad relationship seems to be preferred by people than not having one.

I sometimes wonder why people act so picky in what they want in their relationships, when their own history of relationships show people of dubious value. I think that most people have a fantasy of what the other person is like, and when someone else doesn’t fit into their fantasy then they reject them. Not because they understand and know who the other person is, but because they are not getting what they believe they deserve.

I am not advocating people do anything in a relationship. I am just noticing that often what people say they want, and what they do is quite different. I find it fascinating how little insight about their own behavior most people have. It has been the greatest thing in my life that I have understood myself, and by doing so, been happier.

It isn’t really other people who make us happy, but our own belief about ourselves that make us happy. So to love someone really means we listen and learn about them and honor them as themselves.