When to call a snow day

I have worked with many companies that aren’t really sure when to close the office due to a snow day. Forecasts are imperfect for sure, but here are some following experiences where they might wanted to have investigated further. All of these happened when there was a winter advisory and usually when the state declared a state of emergency.

  • Came in to work because there was no notification of a snow day. I was the only one there. In the next hour only 3 other people showed up. An hour later, the office was closed. The HR person apologized and “didn’t believe it was going to be this bad.” One of my coworkers at the time explained how her car slide and did a 360 in the parking lot.
  • Driving to work the weather was just terrible. Lots of snow on the ground and when I switched lanes, the work vehicle I was given slid into the side of the road and almost went off into the median. I called my boss and said I’m taking a vacation day and went back home. Less than an hour later the office was closed and I still had a vacation day charged to me.
  • A hurricane was forecast to come in the same day the board was meeting. Rather than change the board meeting, they had it during the day a hurricane was happening. Almost everyone was remote that day but some people who lived close, and it was crazy they were traveling as well. I was put up at a hotel across the street to support this. So in gusting winds that were knocking things over, I had to walk to work from my rented hotel room.
  • The weather was bad and it was -20. I was at work and my boss told me to finish something and then go home. When I finished I was the only car in the parking lot and buried under a ton of snow. Fortunately I was able to drive out but it was just crazy that I was told to finish something before I could leave. If there is an issue of safety, things can wait.

I am not complaining about these experiences, but rather sharing them to show that erring on the side of caution is better than trying to get the last bit of work out of someone.

Check your iPhone for suggested contacts

Strangely when I was typing an email today a contact for a company I worked for years ago came up. I had deleted those contacts, so there is no reason why they should have shown up. I verified that the contacts were deleted by going to http://icloud.com and they were not in my account. So where did they come from?

I don’t sync my phone to my device. Even if I did, I have reinstalled my computer and never use iTunes. I used to love iTunes but it got too complicated and the interface was just terrible. It was more confusing to use with each version and not worth it for anything.

iphone-education-application1I have to think that because the device was the same as what I had been using when I worked at that company, it had a cache on the device. Yet I remember deleting those cached contacts after I no longer worked for that company. I guess the next time I work for a new company I will just delete everything on my phone and that will solve the problem. I could erase everything on the phone now and that should solve the problem as well. I just might do that since it is a quick way to solve the issue.

The other part of this is that as far as data security goes, this is a terrible thing. Those email contacts were private to that company and they should never have gotten into this position. Even if your phone is wiped, it shouldn’t copy Exchange contacts into your iCloud contacts. Apple should be smart enough to ask the user “Do you want to synchronize your work contacts to your personal account?” That would trigger people to say “no” and prevent this from occurring. Why put your core customers in this position?

Update: Wiping the phone does not fix the issue. I deleted them manually from the pop up in the mail program. I have done this before so if the issue occurs tomorrow I will call Apple and update this article.

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