Cute animal and people selfies

These are some amazing cute animal and people selfies. I rarely post cute things but I am surprised at how friendly some of the animals in this list were. It is clear that animals understand more than we believe they do.

20 Animals That Just Want to be in Your Selfie - StumbleUpon

What I love about this photo is how happy the dog is. Clearly he is well treated and this is just another exciting opportunity for him to be part of the action. Anyone who has pets know what a richness they add into your lives. Not because of their usefulness to us, but because we are forced to change our perspective daily and see things from their point of view. I think that was the most wonderful part of having a dog in the past. That no matter what my problems were, at the end of the day it was just a temporary thing and enjoying life was always an option.

I see the same thing with people who talk about their children. It is touching when people care about others and themselves. I saw on LinkedIn a profile that said something like “put others needs ahead of my own”. That may be the way she was taught, but it is a short-term strategy that will fail. The people I see who do this burn out and don’t have anything to offer to others because they are not happy in themselves. I wonder why we have the idea that sacrificing makes people happy?

20 Animals That Just Want to be in Your Selfie – StumbleUpon.

Stories from my Past: Can I join you and share?

Stories from my Past: Can I join you and share

I was buying lunch food at a store and the clerk was making small talk with me. She said “I like what you are ordering. It looks delicious. Can I join you and share?” I smiled and said “Sure if its your lunch I can give you some.” She laughed and I went on my way. I was thinking about the conversation as I was eating and realized she was hungry and that she probably got a late lunch. I had a job once that due to my responsibilities I had to eat a late lunch and that was hard for me. So I hatched a plan and carried it out.

I went and got two more of what I had ordered. I smiled and paid for it and when she and her coworker asked and was surprised I was buying more I said it was for a friend. After I paid, I handed it back to the woman who jokes with me and her coworker. It didn’t cost much money but the surprise and happiness they felt was a great pleasure to me. It feels good to give and I knew that they appreciated it.

Sometimes it takes so little to make someone happy. Trust your instincts and give when appropriate.